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Best HR consultancy in Bangalore
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  • Post published:October 16, 2023

Which is the best HR consultancy in Bangalore?

Innovation backed by experience forms the core of any job profile. And searching the innovative and skilled talent for a single vacancy or an entirely new department seems cumbersome if done alone. That’s where HR consultancy provides the best aid. Their expertise attracts the best talent and sources the most suitable among them.

The silicon valley of India, Bengaluru, has a vast source of skilled human resources and scope. And, when it is about bridging the two, who can be better than an HR consultancy?

Among the many, PITCS is a trustworthy name in providing HR services. With a team of highly skilled professionals: PITCS offers seamless and precise solutions and HR consultancy in India and across the globe.

What makes PITCS the best HR consultancy in Bangalore?


With the mission to serve qualitative, correct, and top-notch business solutions: PITCS has been providing tailor-made human resource services across the globe for 20 years. Our experts and evolving technology integrate to serve business goals achieving service at the turning of time.

Our HR Advisory and Services assess the job seekers to provide them with the best opportunity and the company the best resource for their business growth. After all, “Best staffing builds the best organization”.

HR services we provide at PITCS:

Our team of skilled professionals with their nest knowledge in the industry offers these four prime HR services to initiate swift and efficient employment procedures in the company:

  • We provide HR Advisory to Start-ups, SMEs, Social Entrepreneurs, Education institutions, NGOs, and Ed techs and guide them in designing HR Manuals and Processes, Codes of Conduct, Organization Policies, Performance Management Guidebooks, Organization Design, Role Design, Competency Framework, and Culture Alignment.
  • Our Talent Development solutions simplify the challenges many organization faces. It is the challenge of the rigid dichotomy of being competent and the need to have it. e provide solutions as per the business requirement 
  • Inside-out growth is a crucial factor in facilitating personal growth and freedom. Processes within and spaces outside help individuals and organizations discover their DNA because human dynamism is intense and complex, which evolves on connections, beliefs, and collaborations.
  • HR technology services in PITCS is an integrated suite of HR products that enhances a business’s ability to attract, manage and retain talent, get strategic business insights, and collaborate and engage at all levels. After all, business insights built on logical data analysis stimulate efficiency.

PITCS operation Sector:

An ISO 27001:2013 certified Bangalore-based staffing company has spread its wings over India and across borders. We have global offices in Australia, Singapore, and UAE and prospects to have the same in the rest financial hubs of the world.

HR consultant in Bangalore
PITCS HR consultant in Bangalore

Why choose PITCS for HR consultancy in Bangalore?

When you need the best employee, you rely on expert solutions, right? That’s what PITCS offers and received acknowledgment for.

  •  Our HR consultants are trained to deliver excellent recruitment solutions based on clients’ requirements. With a sound database and updated market intelligence: we hunt eligible candidates for the job profile and shortlist the bests who match the criteria more precisely.
  • Every company has its ethics, culture, and expectations. We value them and consider them as the context of the recruitment process. It improves our hiring accuracy and helps to augment the retention rate. The client gets the employee/s ideal for the operational structure and culture of the company. 
  • The entire process of HR management is laborious and time-taking. But PITCS HR services make the job no less than a cakewalk. Our expert team shoulders the HR advisory and management process fast and efficiently so the company stays focused on the core business and continues to run ahead in the market.
  • PITCS is well-known for providing cost-effective services, whether an HR consultancy or others. You may find various companies offer the service at a reasonable cost, but we pitch the best price in the industry. After all, business means several investments and companies-start-ups, and SMEs must not face hurdles or obstacles in the growth path.
  • If an ideal employee facilitates business growth, an incompetent one can do the reverse. But, with PITCS® no more have those nerve-wracking experiences. We have expertise in providing the best pre and post-employment verification. Our comprehensive profiling services render relevant background knowledge to empower our clients; so they make the right decision while hiring prospective employees. We respond with individual creativity and flair.

Final Word: Best HR Consultancy in Bangalore

We understand the importance of filling a vacant position on time and therefore work on providing the best candidate as quickly as possible. At PITCS, with advanced technological tools and an updated database, we source, select and assess the most eligible candidates. Besides, our trained recruiters with years of experience plan and design an efficient recruitment procedure that lessen the time and monetary investment.

So, whether hiring permanent or contractual staff or a complete team, PITCS is equipped to offer the best HR consultancy services in Bangalore in the nick of time. Our commitment, performance, and customer satisfaction have earned us the recognition o and a trusted name in the field.