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Best HR consultancy in Delhi
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Best HR consultancy in Delhi, the national capital territory (NCT), is northern India’s largest commercial center.

It houses a vast employment scope in several sectors-from manufacturing to services industries, health and community, retail, hotel and tourism, banking, and even real estate. The city never disappoints anyone who lands there to flourish with merits and hard work.

Moreover, jobs for freshers in Delhi are much easier to find with the growing number of business houses. However, finding the one for the widely held roles or an employee for the purpose seems a little challenging. That is where HR consultants, especially PITCS experts. We offer the best HR consultancy in Delhi.

Whether it is a large business or a startup, you want employees for a widely held role of fresher-we source the best skills.

Why is PITCS the best HR consultant in Delhi?

Human resources are one of five pillars of business: the others are product and services, market and customer, investment, and process. After all, the other four employee’s efficiency and skills take the business to the growth path. Hence, the most advantageous idea is to hire the best human resource.

Hiring the best employee from the humongous is challenging, which PITCS is ace at handling. Understanding the organization’s perspective and with groundbreaking hiring strategies, we provide high-end, seamless, quick, and tailor-made HR solutions so you achieve business goals.

We provide job seekers the best opportunity and the company with the best resources to facilitate growth for both.

What HR consultancy services we offer:

Being a leading consultant and recruitment agency PITCS offers the following four HR services. We offer:

HR Advisory

Our skilled HR Advisory chalk out strategies for candidate assessment and HR management. We select the best fit from the vast pool and help frame business policies and roles, HR manuals and processes, and performance management guidebooks. We also help form Culture Alignment, codes of conduct, and Competency Framework.

Integrated suite of HR products

Business insights constructed on logical data analysis incite efficiency, and we ace that. With our collection of HR products, businesses attract, manage, and retain skilled candidates. In addition, they acquire strategic business insights and engage at all levels.

Inside-out growth

The intense and complex human dynamism evolves with connections, beliefs, alliances, and professional expertise. We provide inside-out growth, the cardinal factor of facilitating individual progress and freedom. This “within and spaces outside” technique helps employer and employee discover their DNA.

Talent Development solutions

Talent Development solutions simplify the dichotomy between being proficient and why have it. With our expert team, we provide the best solutions as required by the business.

Companies we work for:

PITCS professionals offer services to SMEs and startups, manufacturers focusing on Travel, Education, Manufacturing, and Retail segments. We also work for Social Entrepreneurs, Education institutions, NGOs, and Ed techs.

Where we are serving:

Almost sixteen years ago, PITCS started its journey in Bangalore with ISO 27001:2013 certification. Today, this PAN-India organization is spread over 10+ national and international cities. Our overseas offices are in UAE, Australia, and Singapore.

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PITCS HR consultancy services in Delhi
PITCS HR consultancy services in Delhi

Why work with PITCS for HR consultancy in Delhi?

PITCS received acknowledgment for providing the best employee. Our custom-made services with exceptional comprehensive delivery models achieved our client’s competitive advantage and satisfaction.

Compliance with company culture and ethics

We value every company’s distinct culture, ethics, and expectations and consider it a part of recruitment. With our domain proficiency, unique culture, and technological excellence, we develop tailored solutions for specific industries. It improves our hiring accuracy and fortifies employee retention rate, providing the client with the ideal employee and the employees with the apt organization.

Client Satisfaction is our prime concern.

Transparency, Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Corporate Responsibility form the basis of our approach to every appointment. Using a sound database and updated market intelligence, our HR consultants deliver outstanding recruitment solutions based on clients’ requirements.

Fast and efficient HR Advisory and management

PITCS HR services make the laborious HR management no less than a cakewalk. Our expert tackles the HR advisory and management process quickly and efficiently. Therefore, the company’s core business stays unhindered and continues to run ahead in the market.

Pre and post-employment verification

If an ideal employee accelerates business growth, an incompetent one can do the contrary. With PITCS’ proficient pre and post-employment verification, get no more of those intimidating experiences. Our broad profiling services provide relevant employee backgrounds to our clients required for the hiring process.


PITCS offers service at a reasonable cost among various companies. We pitch the best price in the industry.

FAQs: HR Consultancy in Delhi:

What services do HR consultancy firms offer in Delhi?

HR consultancy agencies offer services catering to client organization’s needs in the following domains:
HR strategy formulation.
Talent acquisition, development, and training program.
Performance management.
Employee engagement
Benefits and compensation consultation and more.

How can an HR consultant help in recruitment?

HR consultancy services handle the entire recruitment procedure. It does all: developing a job profile, finding and assessing candidates, conducting interviews, and background checks. We also guide in the formation of a positive candidate experience.

Do HR consultants serve only large organizations?

No, an HR consultancy caters to businesses of all kinds’ sizes-big ventures, SMEs, or startups. Moreover, PITCS also associates with NGOs.

Do HR consultants comply with employment laws?

Yes. HR consultancy services always stay updated with the latest employment laws and regulations. They guide the current HR policies, procedures, and best practices to mitigate legal risks. They further ensure the organizations they work with are compliant.

Can an HR consultancy service solve employee relations issues?

Yes, an HR consultancy service with expertise in managing employee relations issues. It guides in creating a positive work environment, undertaking disciplinary actions, and resolving conflict and grievances.

How should I choose the appropriate HR consultancy service in Delhi?

When choosing an HR consultancy to associate with, consider the following aspects.
Range of offered services.
Proficiency and experience.
Compatibility with the organization’s values and goals.
Client testimonials.
Cost and pricing structure.

Which types of business do HR consultancy services serve?

HR consultancy services work with companies with and without dedicated, in-house HR departments. Companies with in-house HR departments get extra proficiency in human resource management.

Final Word: Best HR Consultancy in Delhi

Our expert HR consultant with advanced technological tools offers prompt candidate hiring and guidance in building the employer-employee relationship at a budget-friendly price.

Therefore, for hiring employees, PITCS is a trustworthy name. After all, our success lies in the company and employee’s growth.

Contact us +91-844-844-0454 (our centralized customer care) or +91-903-568-5266 (job inquiry. In addition, if you want to know more, visit our website.