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Best HR consultancy in Gurgaon
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Gurgaon, officially Gurugram, India’s second-largest Information Technology and third-largest banking and financial hub, is a melting pot of skills and opportunities. It is the headquarters of several national and international companies and home to thousands of startups. As a result, recruiting the best talent for the desired position becomes more challenging.

Are you facing the same for your Gurgaon-based organization? Worry not, for PITCS is in the city offering the best HR consultancy in Gurgaon.

Why is PITCS the best HR consultant in Gurgaon?

Human resources form one of the pillars of a successful business. After all, their efficiency and skills led the venture to progress. Hence, hiring the best human resource is the most profitable idea, and PITCS is a trusted name. With sixteen years of experience and innovative hiring strategies, we provide qualitative and prompt business solutions to the organization’s needs.

Backed by experience, innovation, and technology, our HR Advisory and experts design strategies and assess from the vast candidate pool the best just in time. The solution is precise, seamless, and fast, so you achieve business goals.

Whether it is a large company or a startup, we provide candidates with the best opportunity and the company with the best resources.

PITCS HR Consultancy Services:

As a leading, next-generation consultant and recruitment agency, we offer these four prime HR services for swift and efficient employment procedures:

  • We provide HR Advisory to SMEs and startup manufacturers focusing on Travel, Education, Manufacturing, and Retail segments. With our expert HR Advisory, we assist in designing the Organization’s policies and roles, Performance Management Guidebooks, HR Manuals, and Processes. We also assist in framing Codes of Conduct, Competency Frameworks, and Culture Alignment.
  • Human dynamism is a complicated process that evolves with connections, beliefs, and collaborations. Our expert professionals provide the essential inside-out growth that facilitates personal growth. With this “within and spaces outside” approach, staff and organizations uncover and find out their DNA.
  • Our Talent Development team offers expert solutions to simplify the customary challenges of the rigid dichotomy that most companies face in being competent and its needs.
  • Business insights built on logical data analysis encourage efficiency. We provide an integrated collection of HR products to make the business able to attract, manage, and retain talent, develop and cultivate strategic business insights, and collaborate at all levels.

The PITCS operation Sector:

This PAN-India company, with ISO 27001:2013 certification, started the journey from Bangalore and reached other Indian cities and across borders. At Gurugram (Gurgaon), our operation started with an ISO 9001-2015 certification.

We have offices-domestic and global in 10+ cities of the country and the world. Our overseas offices are in Australia, Singapore, and UAE.

PITCS HR consultancy in Gurgaon
PITCS HR consultancy in Gurgaon

Why choose PITCS for HR consultancy in Gurgaon?

You rely on expert solutions for hiring the best employee. That’s what PITCS offers and received acknowledgment for. We provide custom-made consultancy solutions and services with exceptional onsite/offshore global delivery models that enable our clients to achieve competitive advantage and satisfaction.

  • Every company has a definite culture, ethics, and expectations, which we value and consider in recruitment. Our domain proficiency, distinctive culture, and technical excellence helped us to develop customized solutions specific to industry verticals. It strengthens the retention rate and perk up our hiring accuracy. Hence, the organization gets the employee/s suitable for the company’s culture and growth, while the employees get the perfect company to grow.
  • Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Transparency, and Corporate Responsibility form the cornerstone of our approach, which we bring to every engagement. Our HR consultants are proficient in delivering excellent recruitment solutions based on clients’ requirements. With a sound database and updated market intelligence, we hunt candidates qualified for the job and pick out the best.
  • HR management is a time-consuming process, but our expert team handles the process fast and with efficiency. Hence, the company continues to run ahead in the market with its core business.
  • PITCS has proficiency in providing the best pre and post-employment verification. Our complete candidate profiling entrusts our clients with significant background information. Hence, the company gets the ideal employee.
  • PITCS is a cost-effective agency. Various companies may offer the service at a reasonable cost, but we pitch the best price.

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FAQs: HR Consultancy in Gurgaon:

Why opt for an HR consultancy service in Gurgaon?

Sourcing the best talents needs effective and innovative strategies. An HR consultancy provides enhanced employee engagement, improved HR processes, cost savings, and compliance with employment laws and regulations.

What services do HR consultancy firms offer in Gurgaon?

HR consultancy firms offer tailor-made services catering to every organization’s needs. However, the sectors where they offer such customized services are as follows:
Talent acquisition, development, and training program.
HR strategy formulation.
Benefits and compensation consultation.
Performance management.
Employee engagement and more.

How can an HR consultant service help in recruitment?

HR consultancy services work in various levels of recruitment-from developing an appealing job description, sourcing, and assessing candidates, to conducting interviews and background checks. Furthermore, it helps in guiding the creation of a positive candidate experience.

How do HR consultants comply with employment laws?

HR consultancy services stay updated with the latest employment laws and regulations to ensure the organization’s compliance. They guide about the current HR policies, procedures, and practices to mitigate legal risks.

Can an HR consultancy service help with employee relations issues?

Yes, an HR consultancy service with expertise in managing employee relations issues and providing guidance on creating a positive work environment, undertaking disciplinary actions, conflict resolution, and grievances.

Are HR consultancy services only for large organizations?

No, HR consultancy services cater to all business sizes-large ventures, SMEs, or start-ups. Some, like PITCS, also associate with NGOs. They are proficient in designing tailor-made services based on the requirements and resources of businesses.

How long does an HR consultancy service take?

HR consultancy services aim to provide tangible results at the turn of the clock. However, the period depends on the specific needs of an organization.

How should I choose the apt HR consultancy service for an organization in Gurgaon?

When choosing an HR consultancy service to associate with, consider the following aspects.
Their industry experience.
Range of offered services.
Compatibility with the organization’s values and goals.
Client testimonials.
Cost and pricing structure.

Which types of business do HR consultancy services serve?

HR consultancy services serve companies with and without dedicated, in-house HR departments. They provide HR support and management services to companies without an in-house HR team and add extra proficiency to those with in-house HR departments.

Final Word: Best HR Consultancy in Gurgaon

The golden rule of HR service is “Taking care of employees is equal to taking care of the clients.”

With advanced technological tools, our expert HR consultant offers prompt candidate sourcing and assessing. We have skills in developing the employer-employee relationship. Besides, we design an efficient recruitment procedure at a budget-friendly price for our qualified recruiters.

Therefore, hiring a single or a couple of staff(s) or a completely new team, PITCS provides the best HR consultancy services in Gurgaon just in time.