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best HR consultancy in Kochi
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Kochi, Kerala’s financial capital and ‘Venice of the East’, witnessed an influx of skilled professionals. The city’s sound and growing economy provide a base for a variety of opportunity and demand for skilled labor at regular intervals to keep up the pace of operations, which has seen an upsurge.

HR Consultancy Services handles this demand for human resource supply and brings aboard the suitable candidate. That’s what PITCS offers in Kochi-custom-made, best HR consultancy in Kochi and around Kerala.

What makes PITCS the best HR consultancy in Kochi?

Opportunities and high demand for skilled talent result in frequent switching of jobs. It poses a threat to businesses. What serves to be an effective remedy is a strategic hiring approach! In coordination with the employer and candidate, with a robust network and innovative hiring strategies, we provide solutions to help businesses handle the employees. So, whether associating talents with opportunities, building employer brands, reaching candidates, or planning employee retention policies, we deliver what needs the employee and the employer.

HR services we offer:

Our HR team devises prompt, qualitative, and tailor-made HR service packages containing HR Advisory, Inside-Out Growth, Talent Development Solutions, and Integrated HR Products. Here are the details of the following services:

HR Advisory

Our skilled professionals provide the best HR Advisory, whether devising the entire HR management or guiding the purpose. We assist in framing and remodeling organizational Policies and roles, Performance Management Guidebooks, HR Manuals and Processes, Competency Framework, Codes of Conduct, and Culture Alignment according to the company’s needs.

Inside-out growth

Our “within and spaces outside” process provides the best inside-out growth that facilitates the evolution of complex Human dynamism and freedom. Through connections, collaborations, and beliefs, individuals and organizations bring to light their DNA.

Talent Development solutions

There is the long-established challenge of the rigid dichotomy between being proficient and its necessity, and most businesses have to face it. Our Talent Development solutions specialists simplify the challenge with tailored solutions in the best way.

Integrated suite of HR products

It is logical data analysis that stimulates the efficiency of business insights. We are that with our integrated suite of HR products. Our HR product set expands a business’s ability to attract, manage, and retain a workforce, get strategic business visions and discernments, and collaborate at all levels.

Places we are serving:

PITCS is an ISO 27001:2013 certified Pan-India Company, which started its journey from Bangalore (Bengaluru) sixteen years ago. It has reached services across 10+ national and international cities in India, UAE, Singapore, and Australia.

PITCS HR Consultancy service in Kochi
PITCS HR Consultancy service in Kochi

Companies we serve:

With a proficient domain and technical excellence, we develop custom solutions for all businesses: large, startups, or SMEs. From Social Entrepreneurs and NGOs, Education institutions, and Ed techs to Travel, manufacturing, and retail-we work for all.

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Why choose PITCS for HR consultancy in Kochi?

PITCS, with its unique approach and excellent onsite/offshore wide-ranging delivery models, provides our clients with a competitive advantage and rewarding careers for contractors. Below are the 5 benefits of associating with us:

Compliance company’s culture and ethics

Every company has its distinctive work culture, ethics, and policies. We value and consider them significant factors in expounding customized HR solutions. It convalesces our employment accuracy and boosts employee retention, providing the client with the ideal employee and vice versa.

Transparent Service with Client Satisfaction

Our HR consultants, with a sound database and updated market intelligence, fill every engagement with quality, transparency, corporate responsibility, and customer satisfaction. These 4 features form the foundation of our approach and deliver unrivaled recruitment solutions.

Swift and efficient HR management

PITCS experts make the strenuous and lengthy HR management a breeze. Our team handles the process swiftly and efficiently so the client company’s core business continues to grow.

Pre and post-employment verification

Human resources is one of the five pillars of business. It sees more success with an ideal employee. PITCS, with comprehensive profiling services, provides clients with pre and post-employment verification and detailed background knowledge for hiring potential employees.


Business means investments, but excessive investments may result otherwise. PITCS pitches the best budget-friendly prices of the most reasonably priced companies.

How should one choose the HR consultancy agency in Kochi?

The following aspects of HR consultancy service make it apt for reliable contracting:

  • Industry experience.
  • Services offered.
  • Expertise and Competence.
  • Acquiescence with the organization’s values and goals.
  • Client acknowledgments.
  • Cost structure.

Frequently Asked Questions about HR Consultancy in Kochi:

For which business types do HR consultancies work?

HR consultancy companies support human resources management and advisory for businesses without an in-house HR team. Nevertheless, companies with in-house HR departments also outsource the services of HR consultancy agencies to add extra expertise.

In what way does an HR consultant firm help in staffing?

HR consultancy services design job descriptions, source and assess candidates, conduct interviews, and check candidate backgrounds before hiring. Besides, it guides in building an impressive candidate experience.

How do HR consultants ensure compliance with employment laws?

HR consultant professionals keep themselves informed of the recent employment laws and regulations, HR policies, and best ways to lessen legal risks. As a result, the client organizations stay legally compliant.

Does an HR consultancy service assist with employee relations issues?

Yes, an HR consultancy service manages employee relations issues proficiently. It guides forming a positive work environment, preparing disciplinary actions, and solutions against grievances and conflict.

Do HR consultants work for all business sizes?

Yes, HR consultancy companies design tailor-made services for all business sizes-large ventures, SMEs, or startups. In addition, PITCS works with NGOs.

Final Word: Best HR Consultancy in Kochi

To utilize the overflown opportunities and technological and economic advancement, our expert HR consultants offer prompt and seamless solutions that result in efficient recruitment procedures. Plus, we also facilitate the development of the employer-employee relationship.

Hence, if your business is large or a startup or wants experienced talent or fresher-PITCS sources the best and appropriate skills in Kochi.

To be part of our family, call us @ +91-844-844-0454 (our centralized customer care) or +91-903-568-5266 (job inquiry). You can also write us If you want to know more, visit our website.