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Best HR consultancy in Mumbai
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  • Post published:October 17, 2023

Are you searching for the best talent for your Mumbai-based organization? Look no further, as PITCS now reached the city offering the best HR consultancy in Mumbai. Whether your organization is a large business or a start-up, we source the best skills.

Mumbai, India’s financial capital is a melting pot of skills and talent. Searching for the best from that humongous for a single vacancy or an entirely new department needs innovative and effective hiring strategies. Our expert, backed by experience and innovation, offers seamless and precise solutions hiring solutions.

What makes PITCS the best HR consultancy in Mumbai?

Human Resources is one of the pillars of business. After all, it takes the venture forward. The skill, diversity, and strength that a team provides take the company on the path to progress. Hence, the most profitable idea is to hire the best resource.

With an experience of sixteen years, PITCS provides high-end, qualitative, and prompt business solutions that cater to the organization’s needs. We understand the organization’s context and design tailor-made solutions.

Our HR Advisory and experts chalk out strategies using technology sources and assess the candidates from the vast pool who best fit the job profile in the quickest time. Effective hiring solutions ensure you achieve business goals.

We provide candidates with the best opportunity and the company with the best resources to facilitate growth for both.

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HR Consultancy Services that PITCS provides:

Our skilled professionals, with their best knowledge in the industry, offer four prime HR services to initiate swift and efficient employment procedures:

  • Human dynamism is complex and intense. It develops with associations, trusts, and collaborations. Our expert professionals provide efficient inside-out growth factors essential in facilitating individual growth and freedom. The “within and spaces outside” method helps organizations and employees discover their DNA.
  • Our HR Advisory guides the company in designing its policies and roles, HR manuals and processes, performance management guidebooks, codes of conduct, competency framework, and culture alignment.
  • Most organization faces the challenges of the strict dichotomy of being proficient and the necessity to have it. Our expert Talent Development solutions streamline and provide the best solutions.
  • Our integrated set of HR products improves a business’s proficiency to entice, manage, and hold talent, design strategic business insights, and collaborate and engage at all stages. After all, business insights built on logical data analysis stimulate efficiency.

The PITCS operation Sector:

With ISO 27001:2013 certification, this PAN-India company started its journey in Bangalore and soon spread wings over India and across borders.

Companies we work with:

We have offices-domestic and global in 10+ cities of the country and the world. Our overseas offices are in Australia, Singapore, and the UAE. We target expansion and prospects to cover other nations.

We work with SMEs and startups, manufacturers, Social Entrepreneurs, Education institutions, Ed techs, retail, and travel companies.

PITCS HR consultancy services in Mumbai
PITCS HR consultancy services in Mumbai

Why choose PITCS for HR consultancy in Mumbai?

An expert solution fetches you the best employee. PITCS offers that expert solution in a customized version. We offer 4 prime services, which are as follows:

  • Every company has a definite work culture, ethics, and expectations. We value and consider them as part of the recruitment process. It magnifies the retention rate and improves our hiring accuracy. Hence, the company gets the employee/s ideal for the work culture and business growth, while the employees get the appropriate organization.
  • With a sound database, updated market intelligence, and expert HR consultants, we deliver tailor-made recruitment solutions. We hunt eligible candidates and shortlist the best matching the criteria.
  • HR management is a lengthened process. However, PITCS HR services make the job easy as a cakewalk. Our expert team takes on the HR advisory and management process fast and efficiently so the company continues with the core business.
  • HR consultancy or other services of PITCS are cost-effective. Various companies may offer the service at a reasonable cost, but we offer the best price.
  • We provide the best pre and post-employment verification. Our comprehensive profiling services provide clients with relevant background knowledge. Therefore, they make the right decision when hiring employees.

FAQs: HR Consultancy in Mumbai:

Why should I opt for an HR consultancy service in Mumbai?

Mumbai is a melting pot of skills and talent, and sourcing the best employee need innovative and effective hiring strategies. An HR consultancy provides expert HR management. It offers improved HR processes, enhanced employee engagement, cost savings, and compliance with employment laws and regulations.

How can an HR consultancy service help in recruitment?

HR consultancy services assist in the entire recruitment process. It works in various levels of recruitment-designing appealing job descriptions, sourcing and assessing candidates, conducting interviews, background checks, and guiding the creation of a positive candidate experience.

What types of services do HR consultancy firms offer in Mumbai?

HR consultancy firms offer tailor-made services catering to the organization’s specific needs. It includes talent acquisition, development, and training programs, HR strategy formulation, benefits and compensation consultation, performance management, employee engagement, etc.

Can an HR consultancy service help with employee relations issues?

Yes, an HR consultancy service with expertise in managing employee relations issues and providing guidance on creating a positive work environment, undertaking disciplinary actions, conflict resolution, and grievances.

How does HR consultancy ensure compliance with employment laws?

Human Resource consultancy services always stay updated with the latest employment laws and regulations and ensure that the organizations they work with are compliant. They guide the current HR policies, procedures, and best practices to mitigate legal risks.

How long does an HR consultancy service take?

HR consultancy services aim to provide tangible results at the turn of the clock. However, the period depends on the specific needs of an organization.

Are HR consultancy services only for large organizations?

No, HR consultancy services cater to all business sizes: big venture, SME, or startup. Some, like PITCS, also associate with NGOs. They are proficient in designing tailor-made services based on the requirements and resources of businesses.

How should I choose the apt HR consultancy service for an organization in Mumbai?

When choosing an HR consultancy service to associate with, consider the following aspects.
Their industry experience.
Range of offered services.
Compatibility with the organization’s values and goals.
Client testimonials.
Cost and pricing structure.

Which types of business do HR consultancy services serve?

HR consultancy services are beneficial to companies without dedicated, in-house HR departments. They provide outsourced HR support and help organizations manage their human resources without an in-house HR team. However, companies with in-house HR departments also outsource HR consultancy services to add extra proficiency to the management process.

Final Word: Best HR Consultancy in Mumbai

What is the golden rule to flourish a business? “Taking care of employees is equal to taking care of the clients”. Besides employing the candidate, an HR consultant ensures he must foster a significant connection with the company.

While with advanced technological tools, our expert HR consultant offers prompt candidate sourcing and assessing, we are skilled in developing the employer-employee relationship. Besides, our qualified recruiters design an efficient recruitment procedure at a budget-friendly price.

Hence, whether hiring a few staff(s) or a completely new team for the Mumbai office, PITCS offers the best HR consultancy services. Our success lies in the company and employee’s growth.

So contact us at +91-844-844-0454 (our centralized customer care) or +91-903-568-5266 (job inquiry). You could also write us. And if you want to know more visit our website.