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Hire and Staffing Solutions

Staffing organizations are getting progressively imperative to the business world. They’re an extraordinary asset for organizations expecting to fill brief or stable situations.

Staffing organizations basically work in every industry and utilize an interminable number of labourers with various abilities. An ordinary staffing organization will ordinarily zero in its endeavours on one specific occupation part.

It might only give day workers to assembling organizations, administration labourers to the food business, administrative faculty for office work, or even chief and administrative staff for enormous partnerships.

Why Organisation opts for Hire and Staffing Solutions

Utilizing a staffing organization has a few advantages. It permits entrepreneurs to zero in on their center business exercises without investing a lot of energy in the enrolling and recruiting measure. It likewise permits them to alleviate finance and expense hazards since the staffing organization is the person who pays the labourers.

Organizations likewise get the chance to exploit the assets, innovation, and mastery that the firm has to bring to the table. This permits them to discover better ability that suits their necessities. An office can likewise discover qualified staff snappier than an employing chief could as it has a huge pool of competitors simply holding on to get called up for an occupation.

A staffing company contains an expansive organization of applicant and associations. With the assistance of the staffing arrangements administrations you’ll have the option to spare your opportunity to deal with a huge number of resume, check to qualify an applicant, on boarding, and so forth cash by finishing crafted by customers would representative to perform.

Staffing office additionally spare you from problems to deal with finance charges, joblessness benefit, and so forth as above said that they have a tremendous organization thusly encourage to look out the correct contender for a particular activity in any association.

Best Hiring and Staffing Solutions | Contract Staffing Company in Bangalore - PITCS

PITCS through its staffing organizations, grooms capacity and gives a phase where it meets the right objective. Just, we ensure that the right capacity meets the right movement! We staff people who are an ideal fit for your business’ enrolment and occupation express necessities. Our justification is to give you opportunities to work for the top players from the business, and that too in your general vicinity!

We at PITCS, has a gathering of experienced and ace staff individuals that ensure the best results for you. We offer staffing organizations to the rapport, as and when they need. Ideal staffing is what we ensure.

PITCS is open, as and when you need. Convenient staffing is the thing that we guarantee, Poonam IT Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. is an assistant you can trust for all your staffing and contracting related prerequisites.

Types of solution a Hire & Staffing Solution Company offers

  • Flexi Staffing
  • Contract Staffing
  • IT Staffing
  • Temporary Staffing
  • RPO ( Recruitment Process Outsourcing)
  • Virtual Resources

Let us understand about these Structural Staffing Solutions

Big giants are trying to cut down labour costs while small companies are looking to hire executives only for a short period. And that is where Flexi Staffing comes to picture. Flexi Staffing as the name suggests, is flexible in nature. Lot of Retail, FMCG, IT Companies and E-Commerce companies are opting for Flexi Staffing because of their advantages. It is beneficial for both Companies and Employees.

Contract Staffing works just as equivalent to the Flexi Staffing concept. However, there are certain terms and conditions laid out by the companies which needs to be followed. We at PITCS hire and provide Flexi Staffing and Contract Staffing solutions to most of the leading Companies in India.

IT Staffing is currently in great demand. However, high the demand may be, We have been consistently meeting our client’s requirements both in terms of Quality and quantity. As E-Commerce is growing by the day, a lot of Hire and Staffing Solutions are being outsourced to us. We make sure, we give the best which we have been doing over years.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO, is another major game changer in current Staffing scenarios. Here, the Business Organisation transfers entire core or part of its recruitment vertical to an external provider. PITCS, in this front also has been known to offer the best. Needless to say, an RPO provider often tends to act as an organisation’s Human Resource functions.

Virtual Resources Recruitment is gaining a lot of popularity. Especially during this pandemic situation, as the entire phase has made recruitment process shift from traditional process to digital process. This has been a support line for many companies. PITCS specializes in providing the best Virtual Resource Support with equal ease discovering the best skills.

We at PITCS makes Staffing Solutions much easier.

  • Are you Searching for an approach to lessen your authoritative expenses and liabilities related with perpetual representatives?
  • Are you hoping to move representatives from existing organization rolls?
  • Do you need HR on an adaptable period premise that can add to your edges, benefits, and main concern?
  • Do you need HR for specific positions or in gatherings?

If you need us to deal with any of the situations above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Who we are

Our offerings span across Software Services (Product Engineering, Application Development, Application Management, Mobile Application Development etc), Managed IT Services, Business Applications, HR Services (Staffing, RPO, Recruitment, Payroll etc).

You can read more about us and our team here.

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Why you should associate yourself with us?

  1. You can concentrate on your core business activities while we take care of you staffing solutions.
  2. We have been in this industry for quiet sometime. We are known for the Best staffing solution provider in India.
  3. By outsourcing your Staffing Solutions to us, you can be rest assured of constant availability of skilled employees.
  4. We are a PAN India company providing the best IT Recruitment Solutions, Staffing Solutions, Contract Staffing, HR Management Service and Recruitment Process Outsourcing services to reputed companies.
  5. All Staffing related tasks like Recruitment, Selecting the right candidate, Salaries, Payments, Compliance, Background Verification Checks are handled by us.

Our Global Presence

We have a global footprint with a development centre at Bangalore and Sales centres in Singapore, Hong Kong, USA catering to our clients spread across the continents of Asia, America, Europe, Australia and Africa.