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An Overview – Job Opportunities for MBA HR Freshers

A large sector that has experienced steady growth since the 1970s, human resources management is one of the support functions essential to a company. From strategy, to organization / administration, through consulting or human resources development, this sector covers very diverse functions.

The human resources management sector in 2020

The human resources sector is evolving with the emergence of new societal concerns. At the same time, it must respond to emerging business issues. These new needs are born looms as Diversity Manager, Consultant specialized in Risks Psycho-Social and Social Management Controller … Thus, program Masters, MS and HR MBA adapt to allow future professionals in the sector to meet their new expectations.

Work in the human resources management sector

But concretely, what is the daily life of a professional holding a master’s, MS or MBA in human resources management? Focus on the job of human resources manager

A position with a very pronounced managerial dimension, the human resources manager is in charge of overall personnel management. In particular, he must put in place a recruitment and training plan in line with the company’s needs. He is also the privileged interlocutor to ensure the link between management and employees. Its primary qualities: organization and diplomacy.

Master, MS, MBA in Human Resources Management

Each Master, MS or MBA in Human Resources Management has its own program. However, there are generally courses relating to management and HR management, labor law, social law, work psychology or even payroll management…

Having a master’s, MS or MBA in human resources management offers many career prospects. Among the opportunities in the sector, we can cite the professions of human resources manager (HRD), payroll manager, recruitment manager, training manager…

It should be noted that students holding a master’s, MS or MBA in human resources management, access positions of responsibility more quickly than those with a lower level diploma.

Eye of the specialist: Job opportunities for MBA HR fresher’s

There are many missions and challenges: planning skills needs with operational staff, recruiting or developing them internally. Training, managing careers, paying judiciously, ensuring compliance with social regulations are few qualities to mention.

All this functions offer generalist positions who work alongside managers (HR Business Partner) but also specialist trades (recruitment, career management, training, social relations, etc.). In addition, the international development of companies of all sizes makes it possible to work on a wider scope and in intercultural environments.

Human resources are therefore rich in a variety of opportunities for people interested in management and attentive to the human factor. This function welcomes very diverse profiles, young graduates and experienced, benefiting from very open training courses: academics (lawyers, psychologists …), business and management schools, finance, engineers, etc…!

Hence, it can be said that Job opportunities for MBA HR fresher’s got large dimension. Anyone completing MBA in HR has great opportunities with major responsibilities and possibility to excel in career.

Job opportunities for mba hr freshers

Human resources recruit motivated professionals for progressive and exciting careers! “. Keep yourself focused. After completing your MBA in HR you should make a list of possible employers that you aim to join. Prepare taking note of current job opportunities for MBA HR Freshers depending on the socio-economic development.

Job Opportunities for MBA HR Freshers – What to aim for

Human resources assistant

The job of HR assistant is an ideal entry point for a candidate who would like to pursue a career in human resources. The human resources assistant is the right arm of a hierarchical superior, often a recruitment officer or a HRD (Director of Human Resources). Very often, it is the size of the company that will cause its missions to vary: it can focus on administrative tasks as well as on management missions, or even juggle the two.

A human resources assistant must therefore be able to demonstrate versatility: participation in the recruitment process, setting up training plans, drawing up pay slips and employment contracts are some examples of missions likely to be taken on by a HR assistant.

Responsible for recruitment

As its name suggests, the main mission of the recruiting officer is to contribute to the development of a company by recruiting new talents. The recruitment officer takes care of the recruitment from A to Z. He writes and publishes the advertisements, selects the best profiles with regard to their CV and cover letter, participates in fairs dedicated to employment and monitors job boards.

Human resources officer

The profession of human resources officer encompasses many missions, and if there is one qualifier that could define this position, it is versatility. The job of HR manager is an excellent career opportunity to benefit from a global vision of the field of human resources. By occupying this position, you will have the opportunity to meet other HR professions such as human resources assistant, payroll manager or training officer.

But to get into this position you need to be very focused on achieving your goals. As a fresher you will not be hired for this position but you should aim high.

Headhunter or Recruitment Consultant

The job title can be scary, but if you arouse the envy of a head hunter, don’t worry, they just think your profile is relevant for you. Finding new talent likely to suit the needs of a business, that is the mission of the headhunter.

You can work as a freelance or in a headhunting firm. Many means can be implemented to find these rare profiles: consultation of databases containing candidates’ CVs, monitoring of professional social networks, creation of an address book etc.

Concluding thoughts

Knowledge of different sectors of activity, digital tools and excellent interpersonal skills are among his main qualities. Fluency in one or more languages is a real asset in the face of an increasingly globalized labor market.