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In today’s challenging time, finding the right Contract Staffing candidate is not an easy task. It has become very challenging to spot the right person, who is not only professionally skilled but also fits the adaptive culture of the company. PITCS have made this a lot easier for the companies looking for Staffing Vendors in India, by implementing an innovative hiring process that understands the absolute requirement of a company and ties you up with potential aspirants. In order to understand more about Contract Staffing services, let’s read on.

What is Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing is a process where staffing vendors hire a candidate based upon specific agreed terms. This agreed term is generally a written contract that outlines the operating procedure of the employment. In easy terms, Contract Staffing Process involves the process of recruiting specific human resources on a specific contract.

A contract in which both the hiring company and the individual gets involved. This helps the organization to easily ramp up the department with short term or long term employee needs.

PITCS understands the business demands and success goals for the companies looking for Staffing vendors in India. Providing experts, skilled workforce, and making the Contract Staffing process easier is what PITCS has mastered over the years.

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Contract Staffing Process

Staffing is an important aspect of an organization. It involves managing the structure of an organization through an effective workforce. Staffing is a continuous process of an organization. This is because of the continuous restructuring and promotions that take place within an organization.

The contract Staffing Process involves proper planning, hiring of skilled manpower for a project, and meeting the goals of an organization. PITCS, one of the leading contract staffing companies in Bangalore follows all the requisites for fulfilling all contract staffing processes within the stipulated time. PITCS has been closely working with its existing companies looking for staffing vendors in India.

Contract Staffing - Companies looking for Staffing vendors in India

Advantages of Contract Staffing

While most of the companies ideally hire full-time employees, it hardly makes sense to hire a full-time employee if organization requirements are for a shorter period. Here are a few advantages of Contract Staffing.

  1. The first advantage is the cost. Contract staffing is always a cost-effective option. It reduces many additional expenses related to Payroll and administrative expenses.
  2. Recruitment of Contract Staffing provides the organization with skilled talents. It also helps the organization find employees for many fields to quickly ramp up their projects.
  3. The contract Staffing Process is very flexible. Employees can be hired for the time they are actually needed by the organization.
  4. Contract Staffing Services enables the recruitment company to complete the initial on-boarding process. Initial Onboarding involves Background Verification Checks, Initial interview to deliver highly skilled employees to the employer.
  5. Contract Staffing enables an organization to focus on specific areas of core competence. This is really an edge in terms of cost-cutting.
  6. Contract employees are very much niche specific. These employees have very specific skill sets. Having employees with specific skill sets drives an organization to move ahead in business.
  7. Contract Staffing is flexible. This is the most acknowledged benefits of having temporary staff. Employees hired under contract tend to work as the demand increases. They are flexible enough to work for various locations, demands, and time periods.

Companies looking for Staffing Vendors in India

If you are looking for BPO, KPO, Flexi Staffing, Contract Staffing for Bangalore, or any other location in India, then PITCS is your one-stop solution. PITCS’s unique sourcing procedure helps companies with Temporary staffing or Contract Staffing.

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Why PITCS, The paramount Contract Staffing Company in Bangalore

PITCS® an ISO 9001-2015 certified company is one of the leading staffing & recruitment companies, providing contract staffing, IT Staffing Solution, job consultancy services, and manpower consultancy in India since 2006. Few more reasons why PITCS is the best Contract Staffing Company in Bangalore.

  • Our expertise in this field from the past 14 years.
  • Our superb past track record in this field
  • Getting the right skilled Manpower within a short span of time.
  • Easy On-Boarding Process and end to end solutions.
  • Strict Compliance and Supervision

Final Thoughts

India is a huge storehouse of talents. Companies are trying their best to attract the best Workforce. Needless to say, Staffing services are evolving by the day. However, to make the Contract Staffing process faster and hassle-free, major companies are looking for Staffing vendors in India. It is a win-win situation for both employees and the employer.

To make onboarding simpler, PITCS can be the best option for hassle-free Contract Staffing, Temporary Staffing, IT Recruitment, and Onboarding of employees.

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