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In this article, we discuss the Importance of Pre Employment Background Check in India. An Employee Background confirmation measure is an intensive screening of a competitor’s work history, schooling background and degrees, scholarly endorsements, lawful records, and here and there financial assessments. 

The procedure of completion of these checks usually takes between 3-15 days. The expense goes up in the event of extensive checks and for senior-level recruits. The organization runs a background verification of one’s resume/CV, when all the meeting adjusts are qualified by the employee. 

An employee background check is an audit of an individual’s business, criminal, work, or potentially money related records. Numerous businesses initiate background verification checks for fresh candidates as soon as they join. A few managers lead checks after they have recruited an employee. 

This is a venture as background checks help in shielding authoritative resources, advancing security at the work environment, diminishing turnover attributable to right employing, defending organization notoriety, staying away from lawful activity and motivating trust in clients and investors.

According to the review of the Executives associated with background confirmation, IT and ITES, banking and money related administrations and FMCG sectors are path in front of their friends in different areas, for example, broadcast communications, Producing, Retail, friendliness, Medical care, Travel, training and Diversion. 

Importance of Pre Employment Background Check in India

IT firms, for example, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys Technologies, and Wipro are known to show zero-resilience towards corporate extortion just as false employees. Tough activities including end of administrations and boycotting such applicants and scouts are taken by them. 

The business body for innovation organizations, the National Association of Software and Services Companies, keeps up an incorporated information base of IT and ITES employees just as outsider checked data on training, experience history and individual subtleties of every one of these experts. 

Employment giants, for example, Naukri, Monster, and so on and networks, for example, already have an alert system in place for these suspicious employees. Be that as it may, there is no single stage for non-IT/ITES organizations, where subtleties of false up-and-comers and scouts can be found. 

The absence of an incorporated archive of data, characterized cycles and methodology to direct checks at instructive foundations, police headquarters or courts makes the cycle of background confirmation troublesome and bulky. 

However, companies like PITCS do provide Background Verification Check services to different organisations. 

These are few tasks taken up by companies for Pre Employment Background Check in India

  1. Issues with Experiences and Gaps
  2. Mismatch in Qualifications
  3. Compensation Discrepancies.
  4. Working in different industries other than primary domain
  5. Mismatch in Skillsets
  6. Fake Educational Degrees from Non Recognized institutions.
  7. Tracking theft & Other Criminal Activities

Reference checks are mainly done for safety. This also ensures any kind of legal liability and harm to the organisation in future. 

Some of the major issues that could be avoided by performing proper Pre Employment Background Checks are:

  1. Any Sexual Harassment and Workplace Violations
  2. Negligence in day to day work
  3. Employers reputation loss or business losses.
  4. Any Criminal Intention and harm to the organisation

Privately owned organisations take help from 3rd party organizations like PITCS for Pre Employment Background Check in India. While popular business organisations generally rely upon Third party Pre Employment Background Checking Companies in India for background confirmation of employees enrolled. 

PITCS, Bangalore which has been providing the services from quite some time has an incredible asset that they can use to gain proficiency with a ton about an employment candidate and their online media handles. 

Content that verges on bigotry, a homophobic slur, unseemly pictures, and so on, is and ought to be, utilized against the candidate. There are no laws that require organizations from filtering web-based media handles of applicants. 

A background check can go from a basic confirmation of your federal retirement aid number to a significantly more careful look into your set of experiences depending on the world market and client’s requirement. 

Data that a business may check can incorporate your work history, credit, driving records, criminal records, vehicle enlistment, court records, remuneration, clinical records, references, property possession, drug test results, military records etc. 

Pre Employment Background Verification Check

Bosses can likewise direct a character check, which may include talking with your own associates, including companions and neighbors.

Why PITCS is the Best Pre Employment Background Check in India

PITCS has been associated with various large organisations and provides comprehensive results that have been helping employers with their new hires. PITCS is known for providing excellent Pre Employment Screening services. 

As per PITCS, companies biggest fear is a bad hire. The core PITCS Screening team has been working closely with various sources which helps PITCS provide the references for best Pre Employment Background Checks in India. 

Highlights of PITCS – Pre Employment Background Verification Check

PITCS has provided extra ordinary services to its clients and organisations in terms of Hiring, IT Staffing, RPO and Temporary Staffing. 

Highlights of PITCS:

  1. Wide range of Data Sources
  2. Trained Professionals for your support
  3. Instant Feedback about Employees
  4. Trusted Service Provider

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