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What is talent attraction
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In today’s competitive job market, attracting top talent is a make-or-break issue for companies. If you want the best people on your team, you need a strategy to get their attention.

What is talent attraction? Talent attraction refers to the ways companies market themselves to attract skilled workers and stand out from other employers. It’s about making your company visible, appealing, and enticing to ideal candidates.

In this post, we’ll explore why talent attraction matters, provide tips for attracting top talent to your company, and explain how recruiting technology can give you an edge. Whether your company is big or small, attracting talent takes strategy and effort. Read on to learn how to make your organization a talent magnet!

What is talent attraction?

Talent attraction is the set of guidelines and strategies of a company whose main objective is to be more attractive in the eyes of candidates and to make them prefer to work in it rather than in the competition.

Hiring the best candidates on the market will be crucial to increasing the company’s results and performance. To do this, you must invest in the sources of attracting human talent that will ensure that the business brand is an objective of interest for candidates looking for interesting job offers.

The final phase of talent attraction is based on talent retention and aims to take care of the worker. The company offers incentives and training plans so that new talents (and old ones) see it as the best option where they can develop their skills

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Differences between talent attraction and staffing

Although both terms pursue the same goal (providing the company with professionals), they are concepts with different mechanisms.

Talent attraction is a more complex process that seeks to find a candidate that fits the company’s organizational culture and matches its values.

On the contrary, personnel recruitment aims to fill any vacancy available in the company.

Reactive attitude vs passive attitude

On the one hand, talent attraction seeks to generate a constant flow of candidates through people who are interested in our company and waiting for new opportunities to arise for which they can apply.

However, on the other hand, the recruitment strategy has a more short-term perspective and seeks to fill available vacancies

Job vacancies

The approach when creating job offers is different:

  • Recruitment job offers are candidate-focused. We are looking for a person who can meet the ideal requirements of the company: who has everything necessary for the position, a high degree of commitment, etc…
  • Attracting talent creates job offers focused on the company, that is, understanding the candidacy as a product and selling “the opportunity to work in your company.” The aim is to use the image and values of the brand as a premise for recruiting.

Job Portal vs Talent Community

The Human Resources department in the recruitment process usually depends on job portals to increase the offer. Linkedin is also usually used and contact some profiles.

In both cases, the message is usually generic and does not attract the candidate’s attention.

The strategy for attracting human talent is based on creating your own database, or community of talent or candidates who want to work in your company.

The usefulness of this method is to have access to all the profiles that have been interested in your company and that have been registered in your database for the new available vacancy process.

Information flow

Many times, by not communicating with the candidate during the selection process, a loss of interest is generated and we end up losing perfect profiles for our company.

Attracting talent generates information before the job offer is uploaded. Communication is constant from the website, social networks and through the offers posted on the portals.

In addition, we seek to offer the best Candidate Experience possible and maintain the flow of information with the candidate. This is useful, as you would become part of our database and could later participate in a selection process.

Effective efforts

When an offer is posted on a job portal, many resumes may arrive, but it is difficult to find the ideal candidate. Sometimes, they are processes of spending money on an ineffective job portal that ends in a search without results.

The talent attraction strategy skips the part of spending money on job portals and uses its own candidate database.

Furthermore, if the job description and Employer Branding shown by the company is effective, there will be professionals who seek to participate in your candidacy having more information about the company’s requirements and values.

As the position sought is better defined, the result will be more accurate.

Talent attraction vs Staffing
Talent attraction vs Staffing

Why is attracting human talent important?

Attracting human talent is a process that helps us attract and hire candidates who we would not have otherwise been able to do. That is, they are workers who would not have completed a typical job offer, advertisement, or form in a recruiting publication.

It is an applicant (normally valuable, talented or who cares about their professional evolution) who we have had to convince with different strategies (which we will see below) and who has become interested in being part of the entity.

The importance of this is based on having the best workers on the staff. Retain the employees who best perform their jobs and attract the potential professionals most suited to the company’s values.

Talent attraction strategies

To begin, the company’s needs must be identified to define the profile we are looking for in the effective strategy to attract talent. We need to understand what interests the profile we are looking for to attract them to our company.

Take care of the work environment

To be clear that a favorable and beneficial image of the company is perceived from the outside, it must be ensured with evaluation measures. On the one hand, with the climate survey software you can make opinions and comments on the work environment to check if the environment among workers is positive and favors cooperation between them.

On the other hand, a good work environment creates a feeling of belonging to the company, improves Employer Branding (disseminating feelings to potential candidates) and favors talent retention (by quickly identifying if there are any employees at risk of leaving). A happy workforce will translate into results and improved performance.

The importance of Employer Branding for attracting talent

Employer Branding comes into play: a concept that defines the image of the brand towards potential workers and that seeks to convince them with a positive appearance, showing a multitude of benefits of belonging to the company.

The dissemination of the brand image is important in the process of attracting human talent. A company with reputation and prestige that offers favorable working conditions will attract and retain many workers.

For Employer Branding to work efficiently, the company must meet several objectives:

  • Be transparent and transmit the company philosophy. This way, people who do not agree with it can be avoided.
  • Openly discuss and encourage these values when interviewing new candidates. In this way, it will be possible to see if the candidate and the company agree on the same vision.
  • Disseminate the company’s values so that the staff and future employees know them.

Communication between departments is important so that they are on the same page, that is, so that they work under the same values. If they share the same policies, the same philosophies and the same ways of working, the employer branding will be a success and a cohesive and coherent image of the company can be transmitted.

Social Media Employer Branding and Digital Employer Branding

In addition, it is important to take into account social media Employer Branding and digital Employer Branding.

The first is a strategy focused on taking advantage of the massive presence of candidates on social networks and interacting more with them and appearing more actively on topics related to the company.

On the other hand, digital Employer Branding delves into digital terms with strategies to:

  • Appear in the media with the aim of transmitting the company’s exemplary values .and becoming familiar to potential candidates.
  • Improve SEO positioning to appear in the top positions of web searches in the sector.
  • Take care of the career site so that the candidate does not go looking for the job on another competing website.
Does talent attraction helps staffing
Does talent attraction helps staffing

Have an attractive and organized Career Site

The Career Site is important to create an employer brand image and make yourself known to future workers. To do this, we must take care of the image that we seek to disseminate, since this portal will function as one of the sources of attracting human talent necessary to attract a greater number of candidates with less effort.

Among the functions that you must have are:

  • One of the almost mandatory requirements is that your Career Site be “responsive web” This means that the page can adapt to mobile devices, since the majority of users use their smartphone to search for job offers.
  • Your company’s image can be more attractive if it offers multimedia content about the brand
  • Highlighting work achievements and brand benefits is an important point to attract candidates when they enter the job portal.
  • To maintain the brand image, it is essential to always have the Career Site updated so that users do not think that you have closed or that you neglect the activities of your company.

Knowing how to filter the attraction of talent

If your Career Site stands out in the market, there will be a lot of candidates interested and willing to enter your company’s selection process You will receive a multitude of resumes that you will have to filter to choose the ideal candidate.

It is essential to clearly define the job position you are looking for and the requirements necessary to occupy it. In this way, the candidate will know before participating in the job offer the objectives that the company seeks to cover.

If the candidate is interested, knows the brand values and meets the requirements of the position, it is likely that they could be the candidate we are looking for. To optimize this process you will need to have recruitment software that simplifies the CV screening and reduces efforts and time.

The objective of this exercise is to find the ideal candidate who best fits the job offer and who is compatible with the company’s values.

Candidate follow-up

Traditional selection processes are almost bureaucratic. They are not very humanized and only seek to obtain the required answers without taking care of the conversation with the candidate.

Taking care of the flow of information has many advantages. Making a Candidate Experience more personalized and pleasant for the candidate will give us information about our selection phases (how we carry them out, our mistakes…) and will show them a very positive image of the company.

It is even likely that if the candidate has a good impression from the personnel selection, he will speak positively about the brand to his circle and may even want to try again in subsequent selection processes.

Incorporation and development

This is the final phase of attracting talent. This part is focused on whether the incorporation wants to stay and develop their potential in the company.

For this to happen, the company must meet expectations and use strategies to retain talent. Offering professional career plans so that candidates can train is one of the solutions. How does it work?

The aim is to analyze talent and performance through a performance evaluation and compare it with the expectations created in the hiring. Once the test is completed, goals and objectives are set.

So that employees can grow and increase their potential, evaluation is mixed with training That is, you are offered the possibility of improving your performance and skills with the help of training software that puts at your disposal all the possible tools and courses to achieve this.

Avoid talent drain

Another incentive within the incorporation and development of talent is the opportunity for internal promotion.

Being able to promote and improve your position thanks to demonstrated performance is an incentive for employees. If the company knows how to recognize the efforts of the staff and reward them fairly, it will find one of the solutions to avoid talent drain.

The reasons for the flight of talent have different motivations:

  • Economic motivation is a factor that cannot be controlled. It is important to make a fair assessment and offer a good salary that meets the needs of the professional.
  • Having a good career plan is one of the keys to successful talent retention. Employees now demand long-term professional development that makes them feel valued.

In short, improving and taking care of the talent attraction process and its subsequent incorporation and development will mark its subsequent evolution and the success it will have in the company.

How PITCS can help in staffing applying talent attraction?

At PITCS, we understand the challenges companies face in today’s competitive talent landscape. Attracting and retaining top talent requires strategy and effort. As your talent partner, PITCS offers end-to-end recruiting solutions to make your organization a talent magnet.

With our expertise in employer branding, sourcing, screening, and candidate management, we help you stand out and build an employer value proposition that appeals to your ideal candidates. We leverage the latest recruiting tools and technologies to expand your reach and visibility.

Our consultative approach ensures we deeply understand your unique hiring needs. We match you with the specialized, highly-skilled talent you need to drive success. With robust onboarding and retention programs, we ensure new hires are engaged and equipped to thrive.

Don’t leave your talent acquisition to chance. Partner with PITCS to build an exceptional workforce that gives you a competitive edge. Our proven strategies for attracting and retaining top talent can transform your hiring outcomes.